Salvage + Craft is a Philadelphia area design studio founded in 2014. The company designs and assembles one-of-a-kind furnishings using reclaimed materials, available for purchase online and in retail stores.

I created the Salvage + Craft company website, branding, and print materials, and I photographed and captioned their debut product line.


The Salvage + Craft website was designed to be an online shopping experience. All images on the homepage would link directly to their product pages, while a prominent Shop link in the main menu would take users directly to a sortable product catalog. Photos would be large to highlight details and craftsmanship. The ability to create a user account would make future purchases quick and easy. A blog would provide news, improve SEO, and build brand awareness.


The website was built with a WordPress theme that features WooCommerce integration. This combination of tools provided everything the company wanted to achieve online.

The WooCommerce interface enabled me to quickly and easily create pages for all of Salvage + Craft’s products. Each page features photos, captions, product information, and reviews. When applicable, a dropdown allows users to select specific product styles and quantities. Product pages can be emailed and shared on social media if desired.

Thanks to WooCommerce, the Salvage + Craft website provides a smooth checkout process for users and a streamlined fulfillment process for the company. The WooCommerce backend tracks pricing, payment, inventory, and shipping information, making it easy for the company to deliver products from workbench to customer.


Because the company uses reclaimed materials – some old, some newer – my intention during the logo design process was to use font and color choices that evoked a vintage look. The end result is a stamp-like circular design that lends itself well to promotional items like stickers and drink coasters.


I photographed all of the items offered by the company at launch, including this lamp which has become a signature Salvage + Craft piece.