KScan3D is an innovative 3D scanning application for PC platforms. Used in conjunction with sensors such as Microsoft’s Kinect hardware, users can capture data from real-world objects and export meshes for use in 3D programs like Maya and 3ds Max.

I fulfilled a number of responsibilities in my role as the product manager of KScan3D including product promotion and support, branding development, instruction manual design, and tutorial video production.


In developing the logo for KScan3D, I chose to create an angular, modern take on the classic Kodak logo: a combination of the letter K and the suggestion of a camera’s field of view, colored green to match the LED light on the Kinect hardware.

The KScan3D Online User’s Guide is a detailed informational resource that covers all aspects of the software. I wrote and illustrated the guide, minus the technical sections including the API and automation capabilities.

The KScan3D Tutorial Video Series provides a great introduction for beginners and features handy tips for advanced users as well. I produced the videos in their entirety, from scriptwriting to post-production. Watch the tutorial videos here.